Why Didn’t God Heal?

Many Christians become disheartened and disappointed in their faith for various reasons. One of these reasons may be when God doesn’t heal, and the Christian believed that He would heal. I have certainly been a personal witness to genuine healings before. I’ve seen the Lord heal a variety of sicknesses and diseases in the church. But I’ve also observed a certain recurring situation that is potentially damaging.

It goes something like this: A certain brother, sister, or child becomes sick. Because there is much care and concern for this particular need in the body, the church responds with fervent prayers asking God to intervene and heal.  Some begin to “believe God” for healing for this certain individual. If the sickness gets worse or intensifies, there is a response of more intense believing for healing. Sometimes the sick person recovers. Sometimes they do not. If the sickness remains or gets worse, then the faith of those who were “believing God for healing” becomes tested or even weakened.  Why did God not heal when we had faith that He would heal? Why did God not heal when we were believing Him that He would?

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