The Fallacy of Faith

If you were driving your car and you were about to have a wreck, your natural inclination would be to tighten up and grip the steering wheel. If you were riding in a boat and you all of a sudden hit a big wave, you would tightly clench the seat cushion so you wouldn’t fall out of the boat. If you were riding a roller coaster and you suddenly experienced a steep drop, you would hang on tightly to the bar because your instincts would tell you it is the safe thing to do.

Life’s situations are not much different.  When your situation in life gets tough, when you are afraid or anxious, when you don’t know what to do, and when you feel pain or stress – your tendency is to tense and tighten up. Your first impulse is to make something happen, try to change your situation, or try to compel those around you to change. To walk with God through your trial however, you must learn to do an opposite action.

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