Grace is a Person – Part 2

Knowing and relating to God as a person is an entirely different thing than only entertaining ideas “about” Him. Many Christians think they are supposed to think about God all day. How can anyone possibly do that? I couldn’t think about one thing for more than 30 seconds. But I could “be with” someone all day. To be with someone all day lends itself to connecting with them, sharing with them, and enjoying them. This is much deeper than only thinking about Jesus. This is much more than only thinking about the things of God. You are both capable and are called to a continual connection in your heart with the person of Jesus Christ.

Often times the flesh wants to avoid relating to God as a person. If He becomes a real person that you have to relate to, then “What might He do? What might He say? What might He require of me?” The flesh is much more content to relate to God as a concept, a set of principles, or a set of rules to follow. This keeps God at a distance and allows us to remain independent and in control. God’s Spirit is not a force or mystical smoke. He is a person.

When you begin to relate to God as the person of Jesus Christ, it moves you from your head and into your heart. The heart relates and connects with people, but the head keeps people at a distance and ponders concepts about them.

How do you come to Him as a person?

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Help Me Jesus

It is common for people to use the phrase “Jesus help me”. But can Jesus really help you? Will Jesus actually change your current situation in life?

Frequently, you may find yourself in a bad situation that you want to change. Sickness, depression, money problems, divorce, anxiety, and various kinds of suffering are all common problems we all deal with. What intensifies our negative situation is when we have no one to help us and we have no answers to fix our problems.

The problem is that people usually don’t need or want Jesus in their life until their circumstances take a turn for the worse. When everything is good and life is great, we don’t usually say, “Help me Jesus”. So here is the problem: Jesus Christ is not a “Santa Clause”. God’s ultimate purpose is not to fix your problems. God is not your geni or your personal servant boy that comes to solve your problems when he hears you calling.

God is a King. He is the King of all kings revealed to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Although Jesus Christ came to serve and not to be served (Mk. 10:45), He came to save us of our sins, provide a way of escape from the punishment of hell, and invite us to know Him and share an intimate connection with God Himself. These things are first and foremost, not you getting your car fixed or God causeing your spouse to change their behavior.


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